20 March 2017

Impressions of Space Dandy!

Viva impression!


  • Common fun in 1st and 2nd seasons
  • Subtle difference between 1st and 2nd seasons

Number of characters: 674

    Space dandy was a pretty good anime, so write impression. I think somehow that the difference between season 1 and 2.

Common fun in 1st and 2nd seasons

First of all, from the common section, this is

  • Each theme
  • A parody

I think. Basically one theme per episode, so tempo is good. In addition, the choice of theme is very good! When you see the plant episode, it is considered to make me that "It is Mottainai to end this story with one episode!" It get the impression that the theme is being elaborated every time.
A parody is as you can see if you look at the OP. It is very interesting to those who understand many parodies during the main part.

Subtle difference between 1st and 2nd seasons

This is what I felt while looking at the second seasons, the second season had a more strong impression of the theme than first season, and the drawing was also a challenging impression. If you think about it easily from these

  • 1st season → dandy + theme
  • 2nd season → theme + dandy

I felt like it. It is like a multiplication problem for elementary school students recently.
In the first season, I did not become a space dandy unless I put dandy on the front, but it became possible to make it even if it became a theme-oriented second season. So, even in a crazy theme, it will become a space dandy at last. Especially for 2nd season this color is strong and it is good.
I think that "Space dandy" is an awesome place of this animation no matter where go.
By the way, I think that you can enjoy people who do not like Moe because Moe elements are almost not. It was quite fun as a space comedy. Worth a watch!