20 March 2017

Ohranger 9 and 10 episodes

9 episodes suddenly! Traitor

Ohranger 9 episode is too funny
  • Balladatsu (William · Tell) who will teach without dismissing antidotes
  • Machine beast who knows that women are good at lying
  • Deprive the antidote → fake → hologram → machine throws throw drugs in the beasts → abrupt rugby scene there
  • The Chief of Staff, a miserable clock messing
How about changing the route of Ohranger? Even though Serious times are opening.

10 episodes Calling on thief yeah

  The squadron of this era has many red preferential weapons and machines. It's also the Red Puncher that comes out after this. Because there was no money because of a recession, there were many promotional items.

After all this tow scene is cool. Dirt and moai are subtle.

Feedback seen until 10 episodes

Early Serious episode is one of the best in the squadron. Even though the invincibility of Varanoiya was a remarkable content, the incompetence of the enemy has begun to be revealed in the gag of the last two episodes. Machine beast character after huge cute is cute. I am afraid that I can not see children, It can not be helped going  the direction of gags. It seems that the gag line will continue even after this, and I will relax.