20 March 2017

Ohranger 15 story was too hot. 17 more stories and 18 episodes

15episodes  friends sleep hotly !!

Machine Empire In Baranoire, machines that are defective at all will be scrapped. A rose revenger born of the scoldings of such scraps. He burns with revenge against the machine empire, but he is destroyed by the emperor Bacchus Fund and dropped on the earth. He has no hostility other than Baranoire, and he has a friendship with Oh Blue because he helped the dog (although he struck a place like a power station). However, the thugs were sent from the side of the empire who sensed that they were alive, and they were remodeled to fight Owlanger.
And it is overthrown by the owner and eventually returns to the original scrap.

It's been a long time without robots. With this kind of content it is difficult to put out a robot and you do not have to put it out. I do not understand it if I put it poorly.
Where Oh Blue stabs itself is an appointment, but as expected, it is good that the rose revenger leaves alone alone.
Finally, it is very good to finish as it is a scratched bird's eye view. I do not tell you anything unnecessary over there because it will be lighter if you explain with words. It is also important to increase the number, but choosing where to reduce is also quite important. In that respect the last was really good. In the metal hero series, it seems likely to be good, but it is unusual to see it in the squadron series.
In such a story, I know that it will be such an expansion, but I am deeply impressed. Such a time.

17th episodes Captured Makeover Breath
Episode 18 Father's unusual affection

Tie-up times, if you think that it is full of gag elements, it's a messy mess. It was seriously different from the scene in which the machine was exposed from the body of the child and the atmosphere that it was before.
I guess it is going to be a great ending, but if you look at 18 episodes it is already alright. No, it was really good until halfway. After all, even if an adult can be killed, a child can not be killed, no matter how much robot it is. If Shigeru Shun is also dead, I think that it has become a time to remain in posterity, to drown out the fun of the tie-up's unbelievable interrupt. Well, it is a waste.
But Shigeru's father's madness is very good. As long as there is no such times, it will not rise up and the squadron will be light. Moderate sorrow, the spirit of forgetting the person's heart even if it is remodeled is important.