21 March 2017

Ohlanger 20 stories - 39 stories (with skipping)

20 episodes (machine beast baraboxer)

Fight fighting only for enemies of boxers. Special effects were fresh and wonderful, as various weapons appeared as they had to sell toys. Recently not only the squadron, the rider has also begun to take heavy use of weapons. I wonder if a ridiculous rider or squadron of the first fighting type will come out here.
The injection scene of Red Puncher is horribly cool. Especially, two turns in the air when decelerating is a wonderful thing. There are not a few cool scenes so cool.

23 episodes

Swimsuit round. Talk and good BGM and good stray feeling can not be hidden, but the actor's action scene is satisfied a lot. The action in the forest and river with swimsuits is painful though it hurts. You can stretch your body in that respect.

27 episodes

After all, it is hot that additional characters come out. It's a musou state. But what about the robot design of that woman warrior? . . I brought all the coolness of the camera angle and good attack method and nice A part. As a bonus, the guy who had been successful in the A part is already becoming an enemy. Was it okay to do it in another frame? I wonder what I will do in here in such a hurry.

28 episodes

King Pyramidder's habit is strongest feeling. Just like not being able to move or riding a mechanism. The sand falling down when it comes to battle formation is cool, but in reality it does not ride so much. It's buried in the ground.

32 episodes

This machine beast, it works perfectly in desire. Watching the Ohlanger, I think that it is really these machines. Slightly a smell of human beings is good as a character, but ....
This content can not be broadcast absolutely now. Because you abduct the girl and is captive. Moreover, I have stopped until time and I do not get old. I am expressing the ideal image of the crib.
I am glad it came home safely at the end, is this OK in the last? Whatever you think about it is not too bad after all? We treated the blank of 11 years appropriately. That family was pleased with the resumption, but what about other families? You can only think of a ghost or something. This time it was a very frightening thought after thinking about the end of the story.

33 episodes

Ohbrocker appearance times. How long did Ohlanger acquire the technique of Ninja Black? Is the battle scene Ultra brother versus the monster army corps? The underwater battle scene of the green blocker is somehow in memory.

34 episodes

Emperor Is he really disappointed with this? It is still 34 episodes. This time, there are too many thrusts. Blue is perfectly a military conference. Command violation, solitary behavior, failure of the robot. Is it really a military organization?
Moreover, it is called special training times. This is the true spirit of Sport Special effects. I can no longer distinguish whether it is a comedy or a serious one.
I'm glad that the orb locker is cool. Miyamoto Musashi with two swords, the Special Move is a long sword and a splendid hybrid with Kojiro Sasaki.

36 episodes

Tackleboy appeared without any precursor. Is there such a thing? I thought it was Gammajin.

39 episodes

Title collection in the first 4 minutes. You should look at the story of giant golden extent. No way to pull this story till the next week.
More than that, it is surprising that Bacchus Fund was alive. Moreover, it is meaningless only to the neck, etc. which is unknown star. Is that the body itself? I will resurrect anything.
Moreover, another mysterious new character appeared again next time. Moreover, it is a female setting with a robot. Is not she the key to reviving Emperor Bacchus Fund? It seems that it is not just a thug for the atmosphere.
Were not you going home Ganmazin?