20 March 2017

MVNO finally got interesting

Is this year the first year of MVNO?

table of contents

  • Personal MVNO News in 2014
  • Is this year the first year of MVNO?
  • What will happen in 2015?

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This year there were so many MVNO related news, and the general name was also the year when the name "cheap SIM" become well known.

What is MVNO?

Simply put, we are selling data communication services cheaply by borrowing lines such as docomo.

I use cheap SIM for about 2 years ago, but at that time service is

  • Speed of about 128 kbps to 256 kbps
  • There was no voice call service, so the battery wasting up by cell standby was intense
  • SIM free smartphone was hard to get

There were many restrictions such service.
(I found this article, which was also "God correspondence!" At that time)

This time I will summarize MVNO related news that occurred in 2014.

January 2014

MVNO connection fee Half reduction Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, draft guideline revision for line operators

This news contributed considerably to the excitement of this year's MVNO. As a result, entry hurdles fell, competition became fierce and better service was born.

March 2014

Started offering IIJ, SIM card with voice call function (Mio phone)

Until voice calling became possible, it was troublesome to have two mobile phone, but this service solved the problem.

I think that it is very wonderful to have a call and cut 2000 yen a month. Because it will be charged about 6000 yen for a mobile carrier.

It is also good that you do not have to think about cell standby problems. I miss tring jailbreaks to solve cell standby.

September 2014

Plala launches capacity unlimited plan

Up to now MVNO had limit of 2 GB / month, etc. It was also a barrier, but this "capacity unlimited plan" would have come out that crush it.

Even mobile career has a monthly 7 GB limit, I feel that I did well. Actually I've heard that the line is crowded and the speed does not come out, but I expect it in the future.

I wonder if this year was the first year of MVNO

This year I feel that MVNO came to a new phase, such as voice call service and capacity unlimited plan. A lot of SIM-free smartphones and so on also appeared from various company, and it can be said that this year is the first year of MVNO even from a considerable increase in user's choices.

What will happen in 2015?

As an industry forecast next year,

  • Increase capacity per month (unlimited plans also increase)
  • Increase in voice call service ← Become almost same as existing carrier
  • Increase in MVNO in cooperation with its own services such as CCC and DMM

I think. VAIO also has news that it will enter MVNO next year, and I feel that this industry is still quite exciting. Personally I'm looking forward to "Cooperation with own service".

Let's expect that MVNO will entertain us next year too!