20 March 2017

Masked Rider Kiva 17 and 18 episode

17th Lesson · My Way

  • Youkai Buttons thirf don't get Buttons and Letting escape the Criminal → He want a button and compete with the car → "My Button ー ー ー !!" "Give My Button ..."
  • Lock on Kiva rather than button after all

Episode 18 Quartet · Listen to the voice of the heart

What really is the madness of 753 .... He has become a person failing personality. It's been like this since he lost to Kiva.

Entire appearance of Dogabaki form with 18 episodes. Is not it too early? I wonder if I was going to release it even in this work as the previous work sold out with the Den - O. Honestly it is not cool so far, and the feeling makeshift is due to the King Form appearing after this. I feel falling into the same trap as Blade 's Jack Form.

What I wanted to convey in this two story is "Do what you really like." Be obedient to the voice of your heart.

  Because I am watching it in parallel with the ohranger, it seems that Kiva has a very high message quality. I feel that it is quite ambitious in the story for masked raider. It seems to be enjoyable as it is.