20 March 2017

I bought Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML) so write it (hardware version)

The other day, Japan release was also decided zenfone2. Although it is a slightly higher price setting, I think that it will greatly contribute to the spread of SIM Free smart phone.

It is ZE550ML which we will not introduce here in Japan. However, as Japan's technical mark was found in recent system update, it may possibly be released.


As middle-ranking smartphones it's a pretty good finish. For those who do not do heavy processing, this may be just right.

It is a feeling that I brought, but the impression that it is easy to hold for 5.5 inches. If the hand is big, you may be able to gully with one hand (since you have one handed mode, I think that you should use that one). It seemed to be a difficulty to have a power button on the main unit, but since I start it by double tapping the screen, I think that there is not much opportunity to use the power button.

The buttons under the camera will allow you to start the camera from the sleep state by fiddling with the settings. It is useful for people who take pictures frequently.

Because the price is about 2.5 thousand, I think that it is a satisfactory finish for people who are satisfied with the middle range.
Below, photo
List of enclosed items.

  • Main body
  • charging cable
  • Adapter (It is Taiwanese standard so it can not be used in Japan)
  • Earphone (with ear cover)
  • instruction manual
Back side of the main body
From the top, light, camera, volume button
Power button and earphone plug on the main unit
There is a charge plug
Compared with ballpoint pen