21 March 2017

AS Rome's three matches

Fight against Intel

A goal scene. The defender's approach is sweet. I remembered Ivanović the goal scene of Naismith in the game against Chelsea Everton. That's it.
Attack is okay. But Handanović was too amazing. Why is the keeper awake only for Roma match?
Pjanić was not good on the first piece of yellow. If I had not received the first piece, that hand may have never received a card. That means you miss a derby. This is bad. Lazio is in trouble this season, but Derby does not know what will happen.
I wonder how I lowered Džeko after Pjanić leaving. It was no use crying because Florenzi was first lowered, but the result crossing was not at all afraid, but it would have been subtle even if he just gave out Džeko. difficult.
Roma must also emulate the defense of Intel 's defense. This season 3-0 can not be taken care of until the end.
Nagatomo should be active outside the Roma game.
In this defeat, the savings that won Fiorentina and Juventus are almost exhausted. That means that we can not win the Scudetto battle unless we win against Napoli which is quite strong this season. The first match is away and CL is in Mid Week. Napoli also has EL, so it will not change unless it can not win here.
In the meantime, you must win the next section Derby. Forza Roma !!

CL Leverkusen

This year's Rome will entertain 90 minutes altogether. I will never be sleepy even in the second half. The best entertainer.
About four points were taken in the first half. But I can not rest assured. It is all because of the previous section.
I wonder why I will make a losing point right after the latter half of the day, although I was overwhelming in the first half. Rome this year is one that can not cut off at one point. It will take 2 points in the blink of an eye, or defense mental what's going on. If you do not fix this score, you will not win the title! It is!
I manage to win with PK somehow ... but please stop this kind of game already. I am tired from looking.

Fight against Lazio

The vacant seat was conspicuous (boycott of the Ultra of both sides), it was a relatively quiet derby. I hope I won.
The first score scene. It is totally outside where Džeko was knocked down. This will say that the media is ah later. In that scene, is not it a scene that is permitted to be like "I was wrong" in the video?
Gervinho decided it if I thought that it is unreasonable to win with this delicate one point. No really awake state. It would be this if you thought that you could sell early to the Middle East or leave Ljajić instead of him. If you think that you are in a teacher's position, you become a person who decides unnoticed. I want you to fight full season without hurting.
There was a struggle of Vainqueur, a clean sheet after a long time. I want the defense to be stable as it is. It is natural, but winning is a team that can score points and still can not take points.
What's worrisome is Salah injury. When I saw that it was carried by a car without walking, it seems quite seriously injured. I have not played for a while from here, but there is also a battle against Barcelona and it is pretty bad. This withdrawal hurts because it depends to a great extent on his speed.
Nevertheless, it was nice to win.